interactive class

Lisa's interactive class is known for inspiring and invigorating students' practice and love of yoga. She teaches that almost any reason a person decides to do yoga is perfect, that a yoga practice is personal, and that postures do not exist independently of practitioners. Lisa encourages students to recognize and validate their yoga path and to seek out the joy in their practice.

teacher workshops

One of Lisa's greatest skills is the ability to construct a class template specific to a studio's culture and to make teaching strategies accessible to new and experienced teachers alike. She can function as an agent for teacher development on behalf of the studio owner by offering class evaluations, conducting teacher workshops, and crafting a teacher development course.


Lisa believes that an excellent way to invigorate studio culture is to encourage students to participate in regional and national competitions. She has experienced that competition preparation creates excitement at studios, galvanizes the student base, and deepens the connection between practitioner and asana.