I believe in the fire of love and the sweat of truth.
Assata Shakur

Lisa Fisher

Lisa was born in Jamaica, migrated to the U.S. as a child.  Her Midwestern mother and West Indian father imparted upon her a very unique view of the world.  She received a degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from the University of Florida, but opted to use that knowledge for lively dinner conversation only.

On 31 December 1999 (Y2K--remember that?!), in the middle of 'the sky is falling' chaos, Lisa wandered into her first yoga class thinking “Bikram Yoga sounds like the perfect way to end the year and maybe my time on earth!”  With absolutely no idea of what the class was about (she didn't even know it would be hot, didn't even have any water, and certainly didn't wear the right clothing), she struggled through her first class.


At the end, red faced and confused, she knew she was in love.  Over a decade later, she continues to apply herself to the study and practice of Bikram Yoga because experience has taught her that nothing else produces the same effect. And she has tried lots of things--fun things, adventurous things, that make her feel great--but the 26 posture sequence in the hot room produces a consistently profound result.

The evolution from student to teacher seemed like a logical one.  In Fall 2002, Lisa graduated from Bikram's Yoga College of India and began teaching all over Florida.  In 2006, she moved to Austin, TX and spent a brief time in the tech industry.  In 2008, she abandoned the tech world and sought to be a full time teacher.  By 2009, she designed a teacher development program for Pure Yoga in Austin, TX.  That year sparked a strong motivation to work more closely with teachers. 


Lisa has since moved forward with expanding her vision of education for teachers who wish to hone their craft. Facilitating the process for ever evolving students and teachers contributes significantly to her enjoyment of life.  Lisa conducts master classes, interactive classes, teacher workshops, retreats, coaches competitors for competition, and competes in the USA Yoga Asana Championships (regionally and nationally).

Lisa is convinced that yoga is unrelenting in its ability to change the lives of practitioners.  The byproducts of a consistent practice range from health care, emotional well being, to spiritual enlightenment and she is determined to delve as deeply as her capabilities will allow!